Arthritis in Dogs

May 3, 2010 by Kelley  
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Arthritis is one of the most common afflictions for dogs; it affects one in five dogs in the United States. Arthritis is a debilitating condition which causes inflammation and pain in a dog’s joints, and usually affects elbows, hips, shoulders, back and neck. It can affect one or more joints and can be present in [...]

Treatment for Obese Dogs

April 26, 2010 by Kelley  
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If your dog needs to lose weight, or you just want to maintain his healthy weight, you may want to work with your vet to develop a weight management program. Your program will consist mainly of a structured diet and an exercise plan. When I was working with my dog, Sadie, to lose weight, I [...]

Health Risks for Overweight Dogs

April 23, 2010 by Kelley  
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Overweight dogs can experience a myriad of medical problems, which could be avoided by maintaining a healthy weight. These health problems can drastically shorten your dogs life. Here is a list of some health problems related to canine obesity: Breathing problems: respiratory difficulties due to excess fat around the muscles of the heart rob the [...]

8 Reasons Your Dog is Fat

April 21, 2010 by Kelley  
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According to most veterinarians, between 25 and 40 percent of dogs are overweight. However, only 5% of owners think their dogs are overweight. It’s important to remember that a five pound weight gain on your dog is different than a five pound weight gain on you. For example, if you take a dog weighing 50 [...]

Signs of an Overweight Dog

April 19, 2010 by Kelley  
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Do you know if your dog is overweight? Many of today’s dogs are overweight or obese. When determining if your dog is overweight take into account your dogs breed, age, and size. Most veterinarians use a 9-point scoring system to evaluate the body condition of your dog. A 1 means your dog is grossly underweight while a score of a 9 shows your dog is extremely overweight. The ideal score is a 5, which is just right.

Top 6 Tips for Finding the Healthiest Food for Your Dog.

April 8, 2010 by Kelley  
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There are several reasons to feed your dog a diet of all-natural dog food including: higher energy, a softer and healthier coat, less poop with little or no smell, healthier joints and a longer life. Here are six tips on what to look for when you purchase your next bag of dog food. 1. Look [...]

Canine Hot Spots

April 5, 2010 by Kelley  
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What is a Hot Spot? A hot spot is a localized area of skin inflammation and infection. The infection can be superficial or deep. Also called moist eczema, hot spots are the sudden appearance of wet, circular patches of infection on the skin that create intense itching and irritation. What are the signs of a [...]

Flea Care Products for Dogs – Chemical or Natural

March 23, 2010 by Kelley  
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There are a variety of flea products available for treating dogs. For this article, I  am separating them into two categories: Chemical or Natural. Chemical treatments are any treatment that uses a chemical’s toxicity to kill the fleas on your dog. Whereas a natural treatment is any treatment method that doesn’t rely on toxic chemicals [...]

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Homes and Yards?

March 22, 2010 by Kelley  
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Over 80% of a flea infestation takes place in the environment, while only 20% is on your pets. The flea is a very resilient pest, but there are some things you can do to make your home and yard a less hospitable habitat. We’ve already learned about the flea’s life cycle, which has given us [...]

Understanding the Flea Life-Cycle

March 19, 2010 by Kelley  
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Before you can avoid or solve a problem you must fully understand it; this is especially true when dealing with fleas. Fleas are very persistent parasites, capable of spreading disease, and killing. For evidence of just how horrible they are, look up the Bubonic Plague, aka Black Death: A disease spread by fleas carried on [...]

Springtime is Flea Time

March 18, 2010 by Kelley  
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As the temperatures climb so does the number of bugs, and arguably the worst of these invaders are fleas. How do we keep our homes and pets free of these nuances? How can you fight what you can barely see? Fear not: has you covered. It’s time to get your pets, house and yard [...]

Identifying a Flea Problem

March 18, 2010 by Kelley  
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What do fleas and their bites look like? Is your dog scratching? Does your porch have fleas, maybe and maybe not? A scratching dog doesn’t always mean they are flea ridden. Your dog could have skin allergies, dry skin, mites, or a fungal infection. If it’s fleas the easiest way to find out is to [...]

Obese Chihuahua Video

February 25, 2010 by Kelley  
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Here’s a video clip from National Geographic Channels – Dog Town. There’s a very unhealthy chihuahua in the video. The Dog Town veterinarian discusses how the Chihuahua’s extra weight will impact its life. The veterinarian also mentions how obesity is a big health problem affecting over 40% of dogs in America. A fat dog is [...]

Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning For Dogs

February 22, 2010 by Kelley  
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When I began researching this article. I fully intended on learning about all the benefits of anesthesia free teeth cleaning for dogs, but the more I learned, I began to discover that anesthesia free cleaning isn’t necessarily the best choice. You may have the best of intentions for trying to minimize your pet’s exposure to [...]

How to Brush Your Dogs Teeth – Video

February 18, 2010 by Kelley  
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Sometimes a dog’s mouth can be a very intimidating place. It’s dark, damp, there are 42 sharp teeth and, unless you’ve been doing your job it can be kind of stinky in there. Just like with other dog-related must dos such as washing your dog your attitude towards the activity will influence how your dog [...]

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