How to Get Rid of Fleas in Homes and Yards?

Over 80% of a flea infestation takes place in the environment, while only 20% is on your pets. The flea is a very resilient pest, but there are some things you can do to make your home and yard a less hospitable habitat. We’ve already learned about the flea’s life cycle, which has given us many insights into how they live. We must deal with each of the flea’s four distinctive life stages in order to successfully eradicate them.


Vacuum Thoroughly:

Vacuum your home thoroughly, even if you have hardwood floors. Before you begin, place a flea collar inside your vacuum cleaners bag or canister. The flea collar will kill the fleas and larvae that you suck up while you’re cleaning. (In my opinion, this is the only use for a flea collar, you should never put one on your dog.) The vacuuming will also pull up much of the flea dirt which the flea larvae must eat to survive. Remember to carefully vacuum next to base boards, and under furniture since these are places fleas like to hide. I recommend vacuuming daily until your flea problem is under control. To help kill the fleas left behind after vacuuming you can use a carpet shaker such as Flea Stoppers or Diatomaceous Earth.

Be sure to follow the instructions. Even though these products are all natural and considered to be harmless avoid breathing in their dust. It can harm your lungs. Make sure you swiftly and carefully dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag/canister contents or the fleas will find their way out and back into your home. (This is the reason for the above flea collar tip.)

Wash Pet Bedding:

Fleas, Flea larvae, cocoons, eggs, and flea dirt will be on your pet’s bedding. Check the labels, but if possible wash all of these things in very hot water. This will help to kill the fleas living in the bedding and remove all the flea dirt. Air dry everything you can in direct sunlight. (Flea larvae cannot survive in direct sunlight.)

NOTE: Vacuum and clean/wash anything shared with your pets: your couch, bed, car, etc. Fleas don’t discriminate between what belongs to you and what belongs to Fido.

Wash Your Dog:

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