Plaque and Tarter Control Review

Sadie had extremely bad doggie breath. Her bad breath made it so I did not like her muzzle anywhere near my nose. I noticed I was not giving her the attention she needed, because I did not want to have to endure her smelly breath. The vet told me that her teeth and gums were in good condition, so I started to do some research and found Pet Kiss’ Plaque and Tartar Control. I decided to give the product a try to see if it could get rid of her bad breath. According to the company, Pet Kiss Plaque and Tartar Control does the following

  • Helps break down plaque, tartar, and bacteria which cause bad breath.
  • Is an odorless, tasteless, colorless solution that whitens teeth safely without the use of alcohol or preservatives.
  • Contains no preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, alcohol, acids or chemicals.
  • Simply add to your pet’s water daily.

With Sadie, I started to notice her breath was better after about four weeks of using the Pet Kiss’ Plaque and Tartar Control. I like the way Pet Kiss can reach in between teeth and around gums where I cannot reach with a toothbrush. It’s like doggie mouthwash!

I have used the plaque and tartar control for almost a year now, the dogs do not seem to notice it in their water. Best of all, Sadie no longer has dog breath. She can put her face right next to me, and I do not mind one bit. She gets a lot more attention and is much healthier. I have also noticed Sadie has less plaque and tartar building up on her teeth. Sadie’s teeth are whiter and her gums are healthy.

I purchase the plaque and tartar in an 8oz bottle. I use about one bottle a month for Sadie and Rusty, a little less during the winter when the kids do not drink as much water. The only negative I have found is that mold can develop in your dog’s water dish if you do not wash it out when you refill it. No worries though, all I do is wash out the water dish every time I refill it, which is a good idea anyway. If you’re interested in grabbing the plaque and tartar for your dog you can order it at

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