5 Fun Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Dog

July 12, 2010 by Kelley  
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I love getting outside with my dogs. We get exercise and a sense of freedom, escaping from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. In fact, one of the best things about being a dog owner is the ability to bring your best friend with you. After all, most cats are very reluctant to fetch a stick out of a creek or lake, and if they did they probably wouldn’t want to be your friend anymore. But man’s best friend is more than willing to embark on outdoor adventures, share in the excitement and keep you company. My favorite Fido friendly outdoor activities are hiking, biking, rollerblading, camping, and excursions to the beach.

Hiking is something I enjoy immensely. It gets me out in the countryside where I can explore nature and relax. I usually plan day-trips and bring a backpack to carry water, my lunch, a compass, and a map of the area. I’ll also let my energetic pooch, Rusty, carry his share of things in his own personal dog backpack. He carries the dog treats, tuff balls, a collapsible water bowl, biodegradable doggie bags and their leashes. The dogs also love the occasional squirrel they try to chase.

Biking and rollerblading I usually do in our local park where I can avoid the dangers of traffic. Once again, I put Rusty to work carrying his own things. Since biking and rollerblading usually require my dogs to run more, I also put a pair of protective doggie shoes on them so their sensitive pads don’t get torn up on the asphalt roads. For these two activities, it’s important to start slow and let your dog get comfortable with being near the bike and hearing the skates. These activities are great for draining the energy of hyper dogs. If it gets hot during the summer where you live, you’ll want to get out early in the morning in order to avoid you and your dog from overheating.

Camping with your dog is a wonderful way to experience the outdoors and having your dog with you will always add to the experience. I usually try to camp near a lake or stream. It’s so much fun watching my dogs swim in the water or snooze on the nearby grass while I fish or read a good book. Just remember to keep your Smores to yourself, chocolate can make your dog very sick.

I live a few hours from the ocean, but on occasion I plan excursions to the beach. I’ll never forget the first time my dog’s saw the ocean, they loved it. The feel of the sand and the unpredictable surf caught them off guard more than once, but they loved, tearing up and down the beach and chasing after their tuff ball. I still smile every time I remember the first time they tried a sip of the salty water and discovered it wasn’t suitable for drinking. Which reminds me whenever you go to the beach be sure to bring the essentials: water, doggie bags, and an extra towel for drying off your sandy pooch.

What are your favorite outdoor activities to do with your dog?


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3 Responses to “5 Fun Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Dog”
  1. Kelley – I couldn’t agree with you more! Being outside with our dogs is the BEST! We love doing a little “urban hiking.” When you visit a new city grab a map from the local tour company and spend the day walking the route. You’ll get to see all the highlights and you and your dogs will get a lot of exercise.

  2. Kelley says:

    Amy – When I went to Fort Bragg with my dogs that is exactly what we did. We had a great time. Fort Bragg is very dog friendly, Sadie and Rusty went to the light house and botanical gardens with us. Although I think they enjoyed their time at the beach the most.


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