7 Heathly People Foods for Dogs

Food is almost always one sure fire way to get your dog’s attention,  but there are some foods that can have truly monstrous results for dogs. Some foods a dog may like, but should never eat.  So here are some people foods that you can safely share with your four-legged friend.  My dogs, Sadie and Rusty, love these foods and I’m sure your dog will too. You can feel good about divvying out these tasty morsels.

Carrots – they are high in fiber and low in calories. Carrots also contain Vitamin A and Beta-carotene a powerful anti-oxidant which aids in improving eye-sight.

Apple slices –  contains Vitamins B and C as well as Pectin, a unique fiber which helps to improve intestinal function and aids in the removal of toxins from the gut.

Sweet Potatoes – contains high levels of Beta-carotene, Vitamins A and C, and Potassium. These nutrients have been known to promote heart health and eyesight.

Pineapple – contains high levels of Vitamin C and Bromelain, an effective anti-inflammatory. They are rich in Manganese, a trace mineral which helps promote strong bones and a good source of anti-oxidants.

Banana – contain high levels of Vitamin C and Potassium and serve as a natural antacid for the stomach.

Raw Bone – helps clean teeth and gums and is high in Calcium. As an added bonus raw bones give them mental and physical stimulation. Always supervise your dog when they’re chewing on a bone.

Lean Meat – plain (no sauces, seasonings etc) with no visible fat. Good source of protein and amino acids which are the building blocks of the muscle in your dog’s body.

When possible get your treats from 100% organic sources, get the freshest produce possible. I like to go to our local farmers market when buying produce and fruit. I also get the bones and meat from 100% organic grass feed livestock. I order my bones and meat from Scott River Ranch.


  1. I can tell you that my dogs love apples, bananas and carrots. When I slice up those fruits and vegatables they jump all over me. Especially my dog Max, he loves apples!

  2. Mine love them also, it’s a healthy treat and not too expensive.

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