How to Choose a Veterinary Hospital


How to Choose a Veterinary Hospital Do you have a new puppy/dog? Have you moved recently? One of the most important decisions you can make as a pet owner is choosing where to take your pet for medical care. A lot of people think that most veterinary hospitals are pretty much the same. They’re not! [...]

How to Choose a Dog Trainer


Whether you just adopted a new puppy, or are interested in modifying the behavior of your adult dog, it’s important to find a quality dog trainer. Not only someone who gets results, but someone who also works to improve the relationship between you and your dog. Today there are many people who call themselves dog [...]

How to Choose A Doggy Daycare


It seems like everybody is jumping on the doggy daycare bandwagon these days, and for a good reason. Your dog gets exercise while you’re at work and gets to play with other dogs. New puppy owners also don’t have to worry about their puppy sitting alone in a crate all day. However, it’s a good [...]

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse – Fort Bragg, CA

My family and I recently took a trip to Fort Bragg. Whenever I travel I try to find places that are dog friendly, Fort Bragg happens to have many dog friendly attractions. Point Cabrillo Lighthouse is one of the attractions where your four legged family members are always welcome and greeted with a treat at [...]

How to Find a Pet Sitter


As pet owners we love our pets, but no matter how much we enjoy being with our four-legged companions sometimes it’s not always practical to have them with us. That being said, I hate leaving my dogs behind or alone. I usually feel like I’m being selfish and abandoning them. So when I do have [...]

12 Tips for Finding a Lost Dog


Have you ever lost your dog? Losing your best friend can be a very scary experience and cause a lot of stress. This last weekend, while I was out walking my dogs a car driving by stopped. The driver asked me if I had seen his dog, and unfortunately, for the driver of the car [...]

Wash Your Dog But Don’t Forget Your Dog’s Collar

When I wash my dogs I take their collars off so I can get the area around their neck. When I’m done with washing Sadie and Rusty I wash the collars separately. I do this for two reasons: I have found dog shampoo doesn’t really get the collars all that clean. You cannot really scrub [...]

Dog Gas

Can your dog clear a room in 30 seconds flat? How many times have you been relaxing, watching T.V. or talking with some friends when suddenly your dog breaks wind? Dog gas is probably one of the worst smells out there, unless of course your dog happens to like rolling in something dead, like my [...]

Walking Your Dog and People Afraid of Dogs

Today while I was walking my dogs at the park, I came across two women who were also walking their dogs. Rusty and Maggie, (one of the dogs with the other women) hit it off immediately. I love it when Rusty or Sadie finds another dog they really like to play with. They burn a [...]

Dog Friendly Events – Why You Should Go


I love attending dog events. Here in Chico there are very few events where your dog is welcome, so when one happens, I love to go participate. Where else will you find other people who love their dogs as much as you love yours? While at the event I like to try and find dogs that [...]

Camping With Your Dog


Every year I like to head out to my favorite lake and camp. I always take my dogs, Sadie and Rusty with me. They love all the new smells, sights, and sounds. Rusty also like to chase the occasional squirrel he comes across. Here is a list of a few things to keep in mind [...]

Managing Your Multiple Dog Household

chow time 2

Managing Your Multiple Dog Household Guest post by: Carrie Boyko of All Things Dog Blog Every week or two I receive at least one letter asking for help in managing a houseful of dogs, other pets, and kids too. It’s really not rocket science—more like team management. If you know you’ll be tied up after [...]

Top 10 4th of July Safety Tips for Your Dog


For most people, Fourth of July celebrations make this a fun and exciting time of the year, but your dog might not agree. When you celebrate our independence this holiday be sure to keep the following pet-friendly tips in mind: Loud, crowded fireworks displays can be scary for your dog, resist the urge to take [...]

Pet Friendly Weed Killer

Cute Dog

I hate weeds. They’re intrusive invaders and seem capable of overtaking the entire yard in a very short amount of time. Whereas, if I try to grow plants or flowers, and spend hours caring for them, fertilizing and watering, they die within a matter of weeks after planting them. I’ve had many people recommend using Round-up to kill the weeds in and around my [...]

Dog Car Safety Tips


A friend of mine was driving about 45mph when a car cut him off. Don had to hit the brakes in order to avoid hitting the car that had pulled out in front of him. His dog, which had been riding in the back seat hit the windshield and ended up dying. After Don shared [...]