Travel App. for Dogs


Do you love to travel with your dog but find it hard to find dog friendly places to stop and let fido stretch his legs? Check out This site has a handy search option which allows you to check for dog friendly places in the area you happen to be. I love that it [...]

Top 10 Pet Friendly Cities recently published an article listing the Top 10 Pet Friendly Cities the following cities were listed: 1. Portland, OR 2.  Colorado Springs, CO 3.  Rocky Mount, NC 4.  Boulder, CO 5.  Santa Cruz, CA 6.  Eugene, OR 7.  Asheville, NC 8.  Albuquerque, NM 9.  Nashville, TN 10.  Louisville, KY Have you been to any [...]

How to Choose A Doggy Daycare


It seems like everybody is jumping on the doggy daycare bandwagon these days, and for a good reason. Your dog gets exercise while you’re at work and gets to play with other dogs. New puppy owners also don’t have to worry about their puppy sitting alone in a crate all day. However, it’s a good [...]

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse – Fort Bragg, CA

My family and I recently took a trip to Fort Bragg. Whenever I travel I try to find places that are dog friendly, Fort Bragg happens to have many dog friendly attractions. Point Cabrillo Lighthouse is one of the attractions where your four legged family members are always welcome and greeted with a treat at [...]