Choosing a Dog Training Treat

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Dogs are eager to please. They thrive on praise, quickly learning what behaviors are rewarded and what ones aren’t. When working with your dog during training sessions it is helpful to offer treats. The prospect of getting a treat helps your dog focus on what you are asking. When picking a treat to use during training, I recommend selecting one that is small, clean, flavorful, and all-natural.

Small treats are preferred, because you want your dog to eat the treat quickly. If you offer a large treat that requires chewing, suddenly your student’s focus is on something other than the lesson. Distractions, even tasty ones, should be minimized while school is in session.

As the teacher, you’ll want to minimize your distractions too. Don’t choose a treat that is gooey, has to be broken into small pieces, crumbles, or makes messes of your hands and classroom floor. You don’t want to have a mess in your treat pouch or have your dog studying the floor searching for possible treat tidbits. Again the focus should be on conveying the lesson, not on competing with a treat.

Even though you’re trying to minimize distractions you still need to choose a treat that will get your dog drooling. You want your pooch lusting after the treat so he’ll try just about anything to get a nibble. It’ll be even better if your treat is something that’s all-natural, allergen free, and good for your dog’s health.

When training my dogs, I use Liver Biscotti. It’s one of the best treats to grab my dog’s attention for the entire duration of our lessons. It meets all my preferences for what makes a great treat, plus I feel good about feeding something healthy to my dogs. Want to give your dog one of the best treats around, buy yours from


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