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With spring in the air more people are going outside and walking their dogs. I have a small tote I bring with me on my own dog walking outings. Inside my tote I like to keep all of the items I may need. My handy little tote makes it easy for me to get outside without having to search throughout my house for the things I might need. Here is a list of items you should have with you whenever you and your best friend head out to the local dog park.

Water – I bring water and a collapsible water bowl. Some dog parks provide a good water source, but not all. It is always best to be prepared.

Leash – Even if your dog park doesn’t require a leash. Your dog will be safer entering and leaving the dog park on one. Remember parking lots can be very dangerous places and silly as it may seem not everyone who is visiting the dog park likes dogs. A leash gives you time to assess the other dogs in the park before your dog interacts with them. A leash also gives you options while walking your dog, should any problems arise.

Biodegradable poop bags – Some dog parks provide poop bags for you, however you want to be prepared just in case.  I like to use Mutt Mitts when I’m at the dog park, they break down much faster than the average plastic bag.

Treats – Treats your dog likes will help you maintain control and train your dog while at the Dog Park. I especially like to reinforce my dog’s training on recall.

Toy – I don’t recommend bringing your dog’s favorite toy, but some toys will help entertain your dog while simultaneously burning off some energy. A toy like the Bamboo Chuck-It works great for a game of fetch or a soft mouth-friendly Frisbee is another good option. If there is a body of water a floating toy will work great to encourage your dog to swim, especially if your dog is an older pooch and is suffering from some arthritis.

First aid kit – You never know when something may go wrong, and once again it is better to be prepared. You can make your own first aid kit or buy one.

Brush or comb – Some dogs have a knack for finding every sticker and bur in the area. A quick brushing can help to get most of the stickers/burs off your dog. I also fine this is a great time to check for any ticks.


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