Dog Paws – Keep Them Safe

You wouldn’t want to chase a ball barefoot on hot asphalt, why would your pet?

Sadie and Rusty love to play fetch.  I throw something for them to chase after and they’ll race after it at full speed. They don’t care where the chase will take them or over what terrain. All that matters is getting that toy! Because of their absolute disregard for their own well-being it is up to me to be cognizant of where I am throwing their ring, (the Ring Zinger happens to be Sadie and Rusty’s favorite toy to chase.)

Keep in mind that on a hot day, the asphalt on a road heats up. The heat can cause the pads of your dog’s paws to burn.  Running on asphalt can also tear of the pads on the bottom of your dog’s paw.

When playing fetch you really want to make sure the surface you choose to have your dog run on will not hurt his/her paws. Also watch out for gopher holes and other obstacles that could cause your dog to trip and hurt themselves. A little foresight on your part will ensure a good time for both you and your dog without having to make the dreaded trip to the vet, because something happened to your dog’s paws.

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