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Do you have a pudgy pooch? Do you have to carry your dog when going for a walk? Does your dog have a hard time breathing going from one room in the house to another? Are you questioning if your dog has bones? If you answered yes to any of the previous statements then you have to ask yourself: Do you love your dog? If you do indeed love your dog and your dog is fat then you must do something about it.

Just like in humans obesity is one of the number one causes for health concerns for dogs and will shorten your dog’s life immensity. Because this problem is so prevalent CritterMinute.com has taken steps to inform you about your obese dog’s health.

I recommend reading the articles in the following order:

Signs of an Overweight Dog

8 Reasons Your Dog is Fat

Health Risks for Overweight Dogs

Treatment for Obese Dogs

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  • https://dawgbusiness.blogspot.com Jana Rade

    I wish that people would actually realize how bad obesity is for their dog’s health. Then hopefully maybe they’d start doing something about it

  • AnaVar

    Great post! I think that everyone who has a dog, has a responsibility to watch over his pets diet. However, I’ve never seen an obese or overweight person with fit dog. Poor little animals.. Well, I check your blog once in a while and always find interesting reading. Have a nice day! A.

  • https://critterminute.com Kelley


    I agree if you’re going to have a dog you should be responsible and take care of his diet, exercise, and well being in general. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog!

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