Flip Video Camera Review

I don’t know about you, but I love to take pictures of my dogs. There have several times when I wished I’d had a video camera to record whatever fun, odd or embarrassing activity Sadie and Rusty are up to.

I started talking to people about what camera they would recommend for someone like myself, who is somewhat technically challenged. Okay maybe I’m very technically challenged. The overwhelming response I recieved was for me to get a Flip camera.

I finally took the plunge, I logged into my Amazon account and purchased a silver-colored Flip Mino HD Camera, and I am really happy I did. I don’t know how I survived my whole life without this little Flip Video Camera. I already have a few videos up on YouTube.

The Flip is really easy to use, even I had no trouble figuring out how it worked. The controls are simple and basically, consist of an on and off switch, a record button and playback button. You will also be able to zoom in and out. I love the size of this Flip camera, it fits into my back pocket and is really light. Because it’s so small, whenever I leave the house, I actually take it with me. It only takes a few seconds to turn on and another second to push the button to start recording. I can already tell I will not be missing any more of those “Kodak” moments, because I will always have my handy Flip with me.

Once you have recorded your video, it is fairly easy to get your video up on YouTube. Your Flip comes with an already attached USB, all you have to do is click the button ot reveal the USB, and put it into the USB port on your computer. Videos will be downloaded onto your computer where you can edit them, using the super-simple Flip software that comes with the camera.

The Flip Video Camera comes with everything you need to shoot and transfer your videos so you won’t need to buy accessories, but you can if you want them. There are underwater cases, which are nice if you dive or do other water-related activities. You can also get a tri-pod, carrying cases, and many other cool accessories.

The Mino HD has a 2 in, no glare screen, and 8GB of internal memory, for around two hours of recording.

My husband took this video of the dogs and I without using a tripod. I pulled out the camera to take video of the dogs. When my husband saw the Flip he decided it would be more fun if he took the video. The video was originally just over seven minutes. I trimmed off some of the beginning and a little in the middle and Voila’ we now have a 1.51 minute video. It took me about five minutes to trim the video.

I can now take video of my dogs, or events I attend like birthday parties, the possibilities are endless. The only downside I have found is that it can be addicting; Now I want to take video of everything. Starting at about $165 you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank either. Order your own Flip Camera at Amazon.com, get out there and start recording all the fun life has to offer.

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