Holiday Gift Guide – Outdoor Enthusiast Dog


I love taking my dogs out hiking. I prefer the perfect type weather we get in Spring and fall however, I will take them out even when temperatures get fairly cold. I highly recommend getting your dogs outdoor wear from Ruff Wear. Ruff Wear focus’ on outdoor wear for your dog and  have the some of the highest quality outdoor dog products. Here are a few gift ideas for cold days and being outdoors with your dog.  All items come in several sizes.

K 9 Over Coat This is the perfect coat for going up into the mountains during the winter. This is Ruff Wear’s most durable coat, it is wind and water resistant. The recycled fleece insulating layer is enclosed in a durable recycled polyester shell, keeping body heat in, and the elements out. The K 9 Over Coat has easy auto lock buckles on each side provide easy on/off.
Quinzee Coat
This is the perfect coat for those walks where its cold outside but the sun is shinning. It’s an insulated dog jacket which provides weather-resistant warmth.
Bark’n Boots™ Grip Trex™are the perfect dog boot if you’re looking for a boot that will protect your dogs feet. These are great for the dog who likes to hike, bike, run, or explore the great outdoors with their humans.
 Bark’n Boots™ Skyliner These boots are perfect during the winter when you want to take your dog out for a walk. They protect your dogs feet from salt or other chemicals, from hot/cold temperatures, abrasive surfaces and they also come in handy for improving mobility in aging adventurers.

Approach Pack
This is a great dog backpack for everyday walking. I like to use it for training and exercise. The Approach Pack gives your dog a load to carry and a job to do, generating instant four-legged motivation.