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When shopping this holiday season please use my affiliate links. I get a small commission each and every time you click on one of my affiliate links. The price you pay will stay the exact same and I do not even get any of your information. Remember when you buy anything from Amazon whether it’s pet related or not I can still earn a commission if you click the link on my site first.

Please help support Critter Minute and myself by clicking on any of the links below before you buy. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season! Kelley

 You can order pretty much anything from Amazon. Please remember to use my link regardless of what you plan to buy whether it is pet related or not.
Coupon Code HOLIDAYPET 15% Off Select items in our Holiday Gift Shop - Limited Time! This eco-friendly pet store focuses on natural and organic products for dogs and cats. Some of their all natural and organic products include: pet food and treats, supplements that address all kinds of issues such as allergies, joint support and immune health, natural flea control, toys, bowls, beds, herbs, homeopathic and holistic remedies.
Animal Wellness Magazine focus’ on all natural and organic dog and cat products. They also promote natural, alternative medicine such as: Acupressure, Massage, Reiki and others. It’s one of my favorites.
 Are you still lugging home heavy bags of dog food? Cross that errand off your to-do list by having, the one stop online dog (and cat) food store, deliver your dog food to you—for free! allows you to set a delivery schedule for your dog food and treats. Eliminate those last minute trips to the store! It takes mere minutes to set up.
Subscribe to The Bark -- the Ultimate Dog Magazine Bark magazine is dedicated to everything related to canine culture. Each issue includes stories, essays, poetry, reviews, interviews and artwork related to the canine culture.
 I love Happytails, they offer 100% all natural dog shampoos, dog spa products, itchy skin relief, arthritis products, pet odor removal, tear stain removal and many eco-friendly dog products.
 Top of the line dog products. I love their backpacks, sweaters and harnesses. When you buy a product from Ezydog you know it’s going to last a long time.
 Another top of the line company for dog products. I love their their footwear, sweaters, backpacks and light beacon! is the trusted source for your pet's natural health care. PetWellbeing is an all-natural pet supply and holistic supplement company, offering 120 products to promote wellbeing and treat a number of common pet ailments. PetWellbeing products are DVM-formulated and made from the highest grade of herbs in a facility that meets the highest GMS standards.
   Doggyloot is the place for daily dog deals, dog coupons, puppy deals, accessories, services and discounts. They offer one deal each day at 45-75% off. Great way to save a lot of money on dog products. It’s fun to receive their daily email to see what product they have featured each day.
Sierra Trading Post  This is where I get most of my dog walking clothes. They have great prices on everything.
Petsumer Report An incredible report for those of you concerned about what is in your pet’s food. This report gives you a detailed list of what is in 1000′s of brands of pet food. Petsumer Report also lets you know if the ingredients are human grade or not. I consider this report a must have.


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  • K.C. Gleaton

    Thanks for the links!

    I will be sure to use them during the holiday season.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  • Kelley

    Thank you K.C. Gleaton I appreciate it.

    Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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