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Push Button Pet Gate

Do you have a puppy? If so you have probably had few things chewed up and maybe a piddle or two to clean up when you get home. One way to help control what gets chewed up and where you will find the next piddle puddle is to use a pet gate to confine your puppy inside a specific area when you’re not home to keep a close eye on your pet’s behavior.

Of course there are many other uses for pet gates in addition to basic puppy management. One use is to keep the dogs from getting to the cat’s room. Cats of course can jump right over the majority of pet gates, this keeps Fido from away from Fluffy, and helps keep your dog from consuming kitty kibble or litter box munchies. “Gross!”

Maybe you plan on taking your dog to work with you and want to keep them where they are allowed.

Gates can be used to keep your clever dog, (Who knows better than to jump on the coach when you’re home.) from getting too comfortable when you’re gone. Use a pet gate to block access to the room wherever the forbidden furniture is located. The possibilities are endless.

Probably the most compelling reason to own a pet gate is to keep your pet safe. For example, you can use a pet gate to keep your pet out of the kid’s room or out of the garage. Sometimes there are just certain places, people and things you don’t want your dog around and a pet gate is the perfect solution.

Finding the right gate for you

  • It should be easy to install. You do not want to get home and discover you need to be Einstein to install your pet gate.
  • Make sure your gate is strong enough to withstand any jumping, climbing or crashing into it. You may be lucky and have a dog that sees the gate and doesn’t try to test it. However, if you have a dog that tries to make a jailbreak every chance they get, you’re going to need a heavy duty gate.
  • It should be easy to open and close. Some gates don’t open and close, don’t create a tripping hazard in your home.
  • Does your dog like to chew a lot? If so you will want to avoid pet gates with wood and plastic, otherwise it might not last very long.
  • It should be safe and aesthetically pleasing. It’s going to be in your home, you don’t want something ugly. Avoid any gates that have holes large enough for your dog to get their head through; your dog could get injured if it gets stuck.

Amazon has a large selection of Pet Gates to choose from. Head on over as pick out the perfect gate for you and your dog.

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