Petfinder Adoptable Dog – August

Last week I wrote about Petfinders Adopt the Internet day, well today is the day. Petfinder has asked bloggers and anyone who participates in social media to join in the efforts to get amazing animals placed in their forever homes. Help spread the word! You can blog about it, change your Facebook profile picture to an adoptable animal, you can link to an adorable pet and post it on your Facebook wall, tweet a link to one or more of the many cute animals available for adoption. There are over four-hundred animals in need of loving forever homes; animals like August. Isn’t she cute!

August is ridiculously cute a Terrier/Pointer mix. She loves to sing when she is happy or if you offer her a treat. August loves to PLAY weather it with other dogs or people. She loves fetch, playing in doggie pools and going for rides in the car.

Click on August’s picture to get more information.


  1. I am republishing your posts on my blogs–All animal lovers and Helping hands for animals .Please check them. Have also posted on facebook and tweeter.

  2. We are a group of individuals working on the streets for the welfare of abandoned , stray , sick animals.
    We get their vacinations done ,get the treatment done , give first aid and provide inhouse care.
    We also try to find lost animals by putting up advertisements in papers,my blog,lampposts etc
    Our work also includes telling people to avoid being harsh to animals and request them to put a earthern pot full of water in shade for the dogs,cats etc ,and on walls for birds . We also request them to put leftover rice/grains/washed dal etc in another bowl for birds to eat.
    we also request them to adopt animals/birds from shelter.

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