Springtime is Flea Time

March 18, 2010 by Kelley  
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As the temperatures climb so does the number of bugs, and arguably the worst of these invaders are fleas. How do we keep our homes and pets free of these nuances? How can you fight what you can barely see? Fear not: CritterMinute.com has you covered. It’s time to get your pets, house and yard ready for the battle of the bugs.

I recommend reading the articles in the following order, but feel free to jump around like fleas.

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One Response to “Springtime is Flea Time”
  1. Hey Kelley,

    This is an excellent series you have going here, especially considering that flea bites and bites from other insects are one of the most common types of dog allergies.

    Being proactive and taken an active stand against fleas is better than dealing with the discomfort and suffering your dog will experience if they develop flea allergies.


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