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Hummingbird OT

// // // ]]> On Saturday... 

Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul Recall

Diamond Pet Food issued... 

National Park Week

National park week is next... 

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Dog Products Review

What it is:  A company which... 

West Paw Bumper Bed Review

  Product:  Bumper... 

EarthPawz Cleaning Products For Pets Review

The Product: Toxic free,... 

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Dog Health

Dog Anatomy in Pictures

Here is a great info-graphic by Pet365 Blog which shows the difference between dog anatomy and human. Dog Anatomy graphic created by Matt Beswick for Pet365 – a UK supplier of dog products. Click here to view the full post. AKPC_IDS += "3384,"; Read More →

Do I need to Vaccinate My Dog

Whole Dog Journal came out with an article called, “Rabies is Still a Deadly Threat.” I agree with them,  over vaccination is a problem. There is compelling evidence which show over vaccination can cause things such as autoimmune diseases, allergies and even cancer! You want to make sure... [Read more...]

Signs of Dog Bloat – Video

The number two killer of dogs is canine bloat, also known as Gastric Dilatation-Volvulus (GDV). This lethal bloating of the stomach can kill in less than an hour. While there are numerous factors that can contribute to a dog’s likely hood of getting canine bloat a dog’s eating habits... [Read more...]

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