Pupsicles Review – Scott River Ranch

Bones are a good way for your dog to get both physical and mental stimulation, they also help clean your dog’s gums and teeth. Scott River Ranch has 100% Organic bones from grass fed cows.  Make sure whenever you offer your dog a bone that the bone has not been cooked and that you supervise your dog while he/she is happily chewing away.

Rusty happy with his Pupsicle

Chewing is also a good way for your dog to get some exercise, most dogs are content and relaxed while chewing on a bone. Giving your dog a job to do (chew on a bone) can let you have time to get chores around the house done without any interruption from your dog. There is no better “job” in a dog’s mind than one involving food.

Keep your dog’s bone in the freezer until you are ready to give it to your dog. You don’t want the bone to spoil before your dog has had a chance to chew on it.

Regular chewing will also provide your dog with natural calcium. Bones can help prevent tartar build-up, gum disease, tooth loss and will strengthen your dog’s own bones.  Buy your dog a bone today and watch your dog transform into one very happy pooch.

Disclosure: I received complimentary Pupsicles; I was not paid for my review and all statements and opinions are my own.


  1. our pooches LOVE bone time!

  2. My dogs agree, they LOVE bone time also.