Travel App. for Dogs


Do you love to travel with your dog but find it hard to find dog friendly places to stop and let fido stretch his legs? Check out This site has a handy search option which allows you to check for dog friendly places in the area you happen to be. I love that it [...]

Yoga Dogs Book Review

Yoga Dogs

Every once in a while a book comes along that makes you smile and awaken the child inside. For me, Yoga Dogs written by Dan Borris and published by Stewart Tabori Chang is just such a book. Yoga Dogs is a compilation of forty-five adorable dog photographs cleverly and comically manipulated into a variety of [...]

Petfinder Adoptable Dog – August


Last week I wrote about Petfinders Adopt the Internet day, well today is the day. Petfinder has asked bloggers and anyone who participates in social media to join in the efforts to get amazing animals placed in their forever homes. Help spread the word! You can blog about it, change your Facebook profile picture to [...]

Canine Encounters at the Dog Park


As most of you know I take our dogs out for a walk everyday. It’s important to give your dog daily exercise. Here are some pictures of dogs we met while on our walk. Just goes to show you that I’m not the only one crazy enough to be out walking my pups just minutes [...]

Petfinder Adopt the Internet!


March 15th is Petfinder’s 15th birthday. Petfinder has done a lot to improve the image of animals in shelters and is asking all bloggers (doesn’t matter what subject you blog about) to help spread the word about all the wonderful pets available for adoption on Petfinder. They’re asking bloggers to share one or more of [...]

Super Cool

If you own a dog you’ll understand.

Dogs may help detect cancer

We know dogs can sense of smell is amazing but did you know dogs are better at detecting cancer than routine blood test? Dogs are being trained on how to sniff out cancer and they’re doing an excellent job of it. With early detection cancer patients are more likely to survive. Who says you can’t [...]

Sweetheart or pet?

If you were forced to choose between your pet and your significant other, who would win? It seems most people would choose their significant other. However, a recent poll discovered that 14% of people asked this question said they would choose their pet over their other half. I’m willing to bet those same 14% are [...]

Pet Blogger Challenge

Last week Eddie from Will My Dog Hate Me and Amy from Go Pet Friendly put out a challenge to all pet bloggers to answer a few questions about the blog they maintain. Here are my answers! I can’t wait to read the answers from other pet bloggers. When did you begin your blog? I [...]

New Year’s Resolutions for a Happy Dog


It’s that time of the year when we look back and see the things we want to change for the coming year. We resolve to bring in the New Year with changes, which will make for a better year to come. I propose to you, as a responsible pet owner, to include your pet among [...]

How a Bowl Should be Licked – Cute Dog Pictures


This email I received is so cute I had to share it. I don’t think the puppy in these pictures complained too much about the paparazzi taking these pictures.

Happy Holidays From Critter Minute

Today starts the week where kids are out of school for the holidays and Christmas travel starts. I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. Here’s a fun video!

Santa Claus visits the dog shelter

If you’re thinking of getting a dog now or in the future I can’t recommend highly enough you go to your local shelter. Here is a great video perfect for the Holiday Season.

Win a $20 Gift Certificate, Courtesy of All Dogs Big and Small

All Dogs Big and Small sells organic dog treats, natural dog shampoos, holistic health care alternatives and Eco-friendly dog fashions. Stop wasting your valuable time hunting through hundreds of Internet websites or worse risking your sanity in those enormous pet stores. If you want to purchase the healthiest dog treats, or can’t wait to dress [...]

Top 10 Pet Friendly Cities recently published an article listing the Top 10 Pet Friendly Cities the following cities were listed: 1. Portland, OR 2.  Colorado Springs, CO 3.  Rocky Mount, NC 4.  Boulder, CO 5.  Santa Cruz, CA 6.  Eugene, OR 7.  Asheville, NC 8.  Albuquerque, NM 9.  Nashville, TN 10.  Louisville, KY Have you been to any [...]