Dog Faces Cougar to Save Boy

January 30, 2010 by Kelley  
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I stumbled across this video and thought I’d share. It’s a bit dated, but still relevant if your a dog lover.
On 1-5-09 an eleven year old boy was bringing in firewood. Luckily for him, his dog Angel a Golden Retriever was watching his every move. When the boy stopped to take a break, a cougar charged at him from the bushes. Angel intercepted the big cat and took the fight under some stairs. The family estimates that Angel battled the cougar for nearly twenty minutes. When Law Enforcement arrived they dispatched the cougar and were amazed to find the dog still alive. The boy’s mother believes that if Angel hadn’t been there the big cat would’ve attacked her son.

I hope Angel got some extra kibble for this.

Watch the video below.

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