Elk Antler

Elk Antler

Do your dogs love bones? But you’re afraid to give them bones, because bones tend to splinter and have the potential to be harmful? If this sounds familiar then I have found a chew toy for you! Elk Antler! They do not splinter or break, they’re renewable and they’re actually healthy for your dog.

Elk Antlers have been found to have regenerative effects on joint cartilage and joint fluid. By chewing on Elk antlers your dog will develop a healthier coat and kidneys, and experience improved wound healing. In 2004 a study on the benefits of elk antler was published in the Canadian Veterinary Journal. The study concluded that if you give your dog quality elk antlers for sixty days or longer you’ll notice improvements in your dog’s health. Here is the link to the study https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC548602/

Here are a few of the great benefits of Elk Antler:

  • They last a very long time (compared with other chews).
  • Your dog will grind them down slowly over a long period of time
  • The contain many beneficial nutrients and absolutely nothing artificial
  • They’re a single ingredient, natural chew from a renewable resource
  • No processing or added ingredients

I love the fact that Elk antlers are safe, natural, healthy, odor-free and last a very long time. Sadie and Rusty have been chewing on one of these remarkable chews for nearly three months,  it’s so incredibly durable that when I examine it, I can barely see any wear on it.

Give your dog the gift of an Elk Antler; they’ll be thanking you for months to come.

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