Is George the Tallest Dog in the World?

January 31, 2010 by Kelley  
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This is George, he’s a Great Dane. George weighs an impressive 245 pounds and is 43 inches tall at the shoulder. This mammoth dog eats 100 pounds of food each month and sleeps in a queen-sized bed.

His owners, David and Christine Nasser, are awaiting news from Guinness World Records to determine if their “puppy” is the world’s tallest dog. The former title went to Gibson a Harlequin Great Dane who died in August from cancer. Gibson was 42.2 inches tall.

I’m wondering if the Nasser family needs a horse trailer just to transport him from place to place. You can visit George’s Facebook Fan Page to see more pictures by clicking here. Good luck George!

George the Tallest Dog in the World?

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