Heroic Fire Fighters Rescue Dog

January 29, 2010 by Kelley  
Filed under Dog News

In this exciting video Los Angeles Fire Fighters rescue a German Shepard who’s in danger of being swept away. This happened just two days ago. I’m posting this for anyone else who might have almost missed the news of this heroic rescue.

The dog, Vernon, whose real name is Spikey, has been returned to his owner. Thankfully, friends of the owner recognized the dog on TV, because he wasn’t wearing a collar or microchipped. The dog’s owner is an elderly woman who believes that her grandchildren may have left their gate open. I think Spikey is one lucky dog, most dogs don’t manage to get the publicity Spikey received. Things like this always remind me to make certain the collars and tags on my pets are up to date and in good repair.

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