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January 11, 2010

January is National Walk Your Pet Month

Depending on where you live, this might seem a bit odd, especially if there’s a few inches of snow waiting to be shoveled off your driveway. I’m just speculating, but I’m guessing whoever chose January doesn’t even own a dog. I know my dog’s would’ve preferred April. If someone wants to start a petition to get this changed, I’ll sign it. Regardless, it doesn’t matter what month it is walking your dog is always a great way to get important exercise and bond with your pet.

walkdogNow I’m not suggesting you brave frigid temperatures and nasty weather. If it looks too unpleasant to be outside, then your dog probably doesn’t want any part of it either. However, if it is a bit cold and you’re still determined to go for that walk. Use your common sense, so your dog doesn’t have to. Don’t let your dog jump into water if its freezing outside and avoid sidewalks with chemical de-icer. Some chemical de-icers can be harmful to pets and your dog may ingest it later while licking his paws. If you remember rinse off your dog’s feet when you get home.

Speaking of feet be careful of snow and ice. Frozen snow can be very abrasive and ice can be very sharp. If your pet isn’t careful he/she can damage the pads of their paws.

Of course if your pet is wearing booties you wouldn’t have to worry about toxic de-icer or injured paws. Outfit your pet for the cold, put them in a cute sweater or jacket to help them stay warm. I recommend Muttluks, they have a full line of outdoor gear for dogs.

If you are blessed to be in a warmer climate then you owe it to your dog to celebrate National Walk Your Pet Month. That’s right lazy-bones put down your video-game controller and take that walk. Walking will make your pup happy, burn calories and help firm and tone your legs. You’ll be looking great in no time, which is why you’ll need to outfit your dog with some stylish dog collars and leashes. Hey! While your out and about you might as well look good.

How often do you get out and walk your dog?


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