New Year Resolutions for Pet Owners

With 2012 just a few days away I have been thinking about new years resolutions. This year I am again going to include my dogs in my list of resolutions and I encourage you do to the same. Nothing motivates you more than those sweet dog eyes “reminding” you its time to walk or whatever may be on your list.

I will feed my pet good quality food. What you feed is dog will be the foundation of his/her health. Make sure to feed good quality food. Take the time to research what ingredients are in your dogs food and where they are sourced from. Whole Dog Journal publishes a yearly review of dog food . I also really like Petsumer Report.

I will exercise my dog everyday. It is very important that both you and your dog get daily exercise and this is a great way to do it. Start this new year right by making exercise a priority.

I will have my dog spayed or neutered. A pet can have a longer life and be a much better family member when it has been spayed or neutered. It is very economical when you consider how many lives you could be saving.

I will Massage my dogs at least once week. This is something that is becoming more important as my dogs age. Dog massage has many benefits including early detection of anything ad-normal with your dog.

I will spend 5 minutes a day training my dog. Training provides mental and sometimes physical stimulation for your dog. Training will also make being around your dog more enjoyable and you can show off your dogs new tricks when guests come over.

I will take care of my dog’s teeth and make sure my dogs are well groomed. We know how important it is that we regularly brush our dog’s teeth in order to prevent periodontal disease, which can lead to a host of other problems. Show your dog how much you care by taking the time to brush their teeth and using something like Plaque and Tarter Control. Spend a few minutes each day brushing your dog. I brush my dogs while watching T.V. during the commercials.

I will be a responsible dog owner. I will make sure my dogs get an annual check up with their veterinary. I will have titers done to ensure their vaccinations are current. I will keep identification tags on both dogs. I will clean up after my dogs when out walking them.

I will play with my dog more often. We all know how happy our dogs are when we play their favorite game with them. Whether it’s a game of fetch, hide and seek, wrestling or some other game you make up, playing with your dog will show how much you love them.

I will let my dog sit on my lap more often. You know the most important thing to your dog is spending time with you. Even if you have to sit on the floor, so your dog can more easily crawl into your lap or lie next to you. Being with you is truly one of those things your dog loves the most. Just do it, if not for your dog than for yourself. Simply sitting with your dog will lower your blood pressure plus provide other notable health benefits.

I will give back to the community. I will continue to foster dogs from the local animal shelter. If you cannot foster a dog consider volunteering some of your time.

What resolutions are you planning on this year? Tell me by writing a comment below.

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