Pet Emergency Travel Kit

This past year we have seen several different types of man made emergency’s as well as natural disasters. These emergency’s had me thinking, if a natural disaster hit here in Chico, would I be prepared? The answer was a resounding no, so I decided to make a pet emergency travel kit.

Here is a list of the items I have decided to have in my pet emergency travel kit:

First aid kit and book



Can opener

Utensils (spoons, forks etc)

2 containers of dry food

Bottled water

Dog Shampoo

Flea and Tick Spray


Heart worm medicine

Paper towels and grooming wipes

Plastic sheet

Pocket knife

Natural dish soap and Parsley Plus cleaner

Three folding bowls for feeding and water (I have two dogs)

One extra collar and two extra leashes

Four trash bags

Flashlight with extra batteries

Three blankets

A flash drive with my pets photos and medical information

A ground stake and cable in case I need to keep my dogs in one spot

Maps in case GPS no longer works

Collapsible Dog Crate times two (one for each dog)

I have been looking for a small portable radio to add to the kit also.

In a waterproof zip lock gallon bag I have:

A picture of me with my pets in case I have to prove they belong to me

A written copy of each dogs medical records

A note on each dog that tells how they react to stress, travel and other animals in case I’m not in the area.

The ASPCA has a list of what items you should include in case of an emergency. What items do you keep in your pet emergency travel kit?


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