Hartz Shelter Donation Program

December 21, 2009 by Kelley  
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How would you like to be the guardian angel to your favorite shelter this year? Wouldn’t you feel good knowing you helped the many animals in the shelter get a donation of pet products? The Hartz Shelter Donation Program is donating thousands of dollars of pet supply products to shelters and food banks across the U.S.

The Hartz Shelter Donation Program has $3 million worth of in-kind donations to give to animal shelters and pet-food banks across the US. Due to the economy, donations are down 30 percent this year, and the Hartz program could be a huge boost to the many shelters struggling to feed the many mouths they are responsible for.

Currently, the Hartz Shelter Donation Program still has $1 million worth of pet supply products they plan on giving away to shelters. The donations include everything from dog treats to puppy pads to collars and leashes. These donations could be an immense help to struggling organizations.
If you know of a shelter that has a need, you can email [email protected] Emails need to include both contact information for the “Hero Sponsor” and the shelter’s name, address and telephone number. Hartz will contact them both about the next steps for receiving the donation.

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